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FanChants Wales National Teams FC Index 'avin a go football songs

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1624 Wales Football Team England Is Full... You can't half smell it... Don't forget to download our free Android and iPhone app! Playlist
1717 Wales Football Team Fourth in the World? You're 'avin a Laugh crackin.. about the English Playlist
2390 Wales Football Team Out! Ref! Playlist
5015 Wales Football Team On the English Side of the Bridge Playlist
5228 Wales Football Team You're Not Singing Anymore Not so mouthy now! Playlist
5817 Wales Football Team We Forgot That You Were Here Quiet in here isn't it? Playlist
7013 Wales Football Team Is There a Fire Drill? Taking the p*ss outta dull support Playlist
9013 Wales Football Team Dirty English They just cant help themselves! Don't forget to download our free Android and iPhone app now! Playlist
9104 Wales Football Team Wembley's a Library Not a sound Playlist
9777 Wales Football Team Are You Scotland in Disguise Sung when we were playing the English Playlist
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12552 Wales Football Team You Can Shuv... sung when we play the english..
14581 Wales Football Team Stand Up If You Hate England.... Sung whenever we feel like it!
16414 Wales Football Team One Steve McClaren! England's greatest EVER manager! Download the free FanChant app now for your iPhone or Android Playlist
17183 Wales Football Team I Wanna Go Home Not the greatest recording but worth a mention! Playlist
19947 Wales Football Team Shall We Sing a Song for You Shall we sing a song for you? Playlist
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