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1447 England Football Team 10 German Bombers In The Air 10 German bombers, RAF shot 'em down Playlist
1850 England Football Team Can You Hear The Germans Sing? Nein Playlist
2081 England Football Team Who The Hell Are You? Come on then Playlist
2441 England Football Team You're Not Singing Anymore Can we hear 'em? Playlist
2525 England Football Team Who Are Ya? Eh? Who are ya? Playlist
4810 England Football Team 2 Nil Sung to the Dutch last time we played them Playlist
11791 England Football Team Cheer Up Gorden Strachan Could be worse could be Welsh Playlist
12055 England Football Team Suarez... Well he is... Playlist
12178 England Football Team Are You Scotland In Disguise? Sung against any pub team :) Playlist
12834 England Cricket Team Matilda... Great song to mock the main rivals Australia Playlist
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14507 England Cricket Team Convict Colony (Chorus Only) Song we sing to Australia to wind them up (Ed: Sorry only chorus supplied) Playlist
17422 England Football Team What's It Like To S*ag A Sheep? Sung to the Welsh
17886 England Football Team 2-1 Even Upson Scored Upson's first goal for England against Germany in 2008. Showing 'em up again after the 5-1 thrashing at the World Cup qualifiers in 2002
17905 England Football Team Are You Watching In Scotland World Cup ere we come! (sung when we are sailing through our group, and they are crashing out)
18380 England Football Team World Wars Usually sung at Germany.
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