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2614 2 1 to the Referee Sung when the referee has robbed us. Playlist
3580 Sing When Yer Winning Sung when we go one down. Playlist
4087 We All Hate Leeds Scum A well worn tune this one. Playlist
4847 One Peter Ridsdale What a hero, bankrupted Leeds. Playlist
6213 What a Waste of Money! Sung to Huddersfield's Theo Robinson
6314 You're Going Down with the Cheltenham Sung To Yeovil
6644 You're Not Fit to Referee An unhealthy referee. Playlist
6654 One Greedy B*Stard Sung to former players who went for the money
6878 What's It Like to See a Crowd Sung when we fill up the away end
7283 Zaboooooooooub! Sung Whenever Sofianne Zaboub Touches The Ball
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7547 Championship You're Having a Laugh! Swindon fans making fun of Leeds fans who think they can get in the Championship.
7768 2-0 Up Sung after a famous Robins come back
7791 Easy, Easy Sung when we're beating a team easily
7925 If Ricketts Can Play for England Then so Can I! Sang To Annoy Walsalls Michael Ricketts
8419 You Fat B*Stard Sang To Fat Players..
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