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Shrewsbury 'avin a go football songs

The Blue Shrews tearing up town

6384 Always Look on the Racecourse... Shrewsbury havin' a go at Wrexham
6845 Wrexham Reject Woah, oooh Playlist
7509 You're Supposed to Be at Home Where's yer support? Playlist
7729 Where's Your Hotel Gone Following Andy Shaw's (Ex Telford chairman) financial ruin, their hotel complex was handed to the receiver
9308 Empty Seats Sung in empty stadiums we visit Playlist
9721 10 Men Sung at the playoffs Playlist
9780 You Don't Know What Yer Doing Usually sung to a dodgy ref Playlist
10174 We Can Beat This Shower Awful Playlist
11544 Shall We Sing a Song for You? You need a bit of help? Playlist
12901 The Bury Family Gotta love the inbred chant Playlist
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13573 Where Were You at Shrewsbury? Sung at the playoffs Playlist
14051 You're Not Singing Anymore That shut you up Playlist
14249 Jonesy Mike Jones Playlist
16512 1-0 and You F'ed It Up sung to Bury fans after beating them in the play offs in 2009
16513 Dishcloth on His Head Having at go at Sodje for Bury Playlist
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