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7091 1 Nil to the Referee Sang at Millwall after the penalties were retaken Playlist
11541 Time to Go Off you go... Playlist
16825 We Wanna Go Home! Sung at Leicester when we drew 1-1
17464 Barry Fry Protesting against the fat one
17817 Dirty B*stards Beat your wife
17890 We Hate Leicester City Short and sweet
19528 Milton Keynes Song for Franchise Keynes
19697 We're Winning Away how sh*t must they be?
20032 Claret and Blue An old chant aimed at the Cobblers.
21166 Who's the Fatty Singin at the fatty who ate all the pies
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21971 Interbred Cambridge Interbred and shameful
22096 My Mother Posh Classic shoot the cobblers song.
22206 Build a Bonfire Bring on the cobblers.
22233 MK Dons MK Dons- A history
22419 Drogba in Disguise? After a player goes down very easily at the Grimsby and Darlo game.
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