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The cobblers march on

2480 Hate Pboro We all hate Peterborough (now with audio) Playlist
3104 Champions League Sung to Leeds after they messed up the Champions League and went bust Playlist
3154 Cheer Up Barry Fry For Fat Bazza x Playlist
3186 Next Year Sang to those who think they are going up, but we'll see em next year Ed: erm... Playlist
3628 We All Hate Leeds Scum We're not the only ones Playlist
4172 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Very, very quiet, just a myth Playlist
4303 You're Supposed to Be at Home Being out sung by the Cobblers again Playlist
4942 If You Hate Peterborough Hands together boys Playlist
5414 Useless Pretty damn rubbish Playlist
5714 MK Franchise Have No History MK franchise have no history
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5769 1 Nil to Northampton Town Sung when the Town go one up Playlist
6186 Barry Fry Is Illegitimate We don't like him Playlist
7100 Is There Anybody There Sung when their fans are so quiet we don't know they are there Playlist
7423 You're Leeds Giving it to the Leeds Playlist
8641 Cheerio Sang to the opposition when they are leaving Playlist
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