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Singing to the Sky Blues.

6202 S*it Ground, No Fans Nowhere like the Ricoh - other than Highfield of course. Playlist
6383 Shall We Sing a Song for You? It’s all gone quiet over there. Playlist
6810 We Love City, We Hate Sisu Sisu are the owners of cov who have sold all of their best players for the last 3 years and refused to pay for new players, they are the reason coventry are now in league 1 Playlist
7205 Your Ground's Too Big for You Empty seats everywhere. Playlist
9167 I Wanna Go Home - Leeds What a dump Playlist
9739 You're Not Very Good Sung to rubbish players Playlist
11507 Small Town in Bradford Taking the p*ss out of Leeds fans Playlist
12291 We Forgot You Were Here Well quiet, you lot Playlist
12347 Leicester Reject Not sure who this is specifically on about - reject! Playlist
12712 Who Are Ya? Common chant - good ringtone Playlist
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14797 We Hate Leicester Neither Leicester nor Coventry consider themselves traditional ‘arch rivals’, with Forest being Leicester’s and Villa being Coventry’s, however the M69 derby has gained increased significance in recent years, according to The Football Pools survey published in 2008, the fixture is the 26th most fierce derby in English Football. Playlist
16451 John Carew Carew Villa b*stard
17242 Build a Bonfire Never mind Guy Faulkes
17265 You're Supporting F*cking S*It What's worse than criticising their team?
17303 That's Why When we score against the struggling teams
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