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634 Empty Seats no-one here Playlist
1430 Yer Just a Small Town in Grimsby Sung against Scunthorpe
1600 She Fell Over Funny classic sung to a soft player falling over...
1690 Who Are Ya? err... who are you? Playlist
2335 Same Old Boro Havin' a go at Middlesbrough.
2992 Just Like a Library ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
3372 You're Not Fit to Referee Crap ref....again
3409 Stand Up If You Hate Wednesday We hate the scum from Sheffield Playlist
3461 We Hate Grimsby! To our new rivals
3564 Cheat Always cheating
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4198 England England England Sung at Wrexham
4871 We Hate Forest! Chesterfield hate the Notts sh*ts
4960 Have You All Come in a Taxi Having a go a poor attendances by some away fans
5579 We Hate Yorkshire Dirty bloody Inbreds... Playlist
5627 We Hate Deedahs! To the Yorkshire puddings
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