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1229 Bradford City The Referee He's not very good Playlist
1436 Bolton We Only Hate Man United Maybe not strictly true. Playlist
1501 Bolton Time to Go We can see you sneaking out. Playlist
1640 Sheffield United Swinging a Pig Classic chant Playlist
1663 Chesterfield Who the Hell Are You? avin a go at opposition Playlist
1686 Bolton Wigan Scum Interbreds Playlist
1693 Sheffield United W*nker! Aimed at someone we don't like Playlist
1727 Coventry City Shall We Sing a Song for You? It’s all gone quiet over there. Playlist
1784 Northampton Hate Pboro We all hate Peterborough (now with audio) Playlist
1814 Sheffield United You're Not Singing Anymore All gone quiet over there Playlist
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1830 Bury All Gone Quiet over There Sung when we've shut em up after going ahead in the game Playlist
1835 Coventry City We Love City, We Hate Sisu Sisu are the owners of cov who have sold all of their best players for the last 3 years and refused to pay for new players, they are the reason coventry are now in league 1 Playlist
1845 Bradford City Shall We Sing a Song for You? Someone has to make some noise Playlist
1956 Northampton 1 Nil to Northampton Town Sung when the Town go one up Playlist
1993 Sheffield United Pig Funny... Playlist
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