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Portsmouth 'avin a go football songs

Pompey singing so loud you can hear 'em in Southampton!

2031 He's Only a Poor Little Scummer And now he don't sing any more - never did. Playlist
2291 Don't Sing or You'll Wake Them Up How many times do we hear...nothing Playlist
2368 Your Support Giving it to 'em straight. Playlist
4405 Ben Thatcher How much do we hate him? Just ask Pedro. Playlist
6321 If You All Hate the Scummers clap your hands
6512 When I Was Young For the enemy
6860 Fat Ugly Scummer! Sung to James Beattie/ Matt Le Tw@
7922 Stand Up If You Hate the Scum Stand up and be counted, we all hate the scummers. Playlist
9997 That's Why You're Going Down Rubbish, deserve to go down. Playlist
11324 Scum Are Going Down Again... Agaaaaaaain
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11818 Niko's Gonna Get Ya... Sung to Carson when Kranjcar touches the ball
13892 Who Are Ya (With Bells On) The bells, the bells. Play Up Mr Pompey. Playlist
14764 Shalalalalaa We Sent the Scu**ers Down We sent the scummers down!
15037 Empty Seats They are all over the place
15055 Sit Down Shut Up Shut up you Northern muppets. Playlist
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