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4759 Dirty Northerners Plymouth vs North Amazing Chant - Ripping Anyone North Of Plymouth (So Everyone) Playlist
6921 Grim Northern... Again another that's sung to, well everyone. Playlist
7160 Your Support to all quiet teams Playlist
8175 You Dirty Northern... Sang to .....well everybody Playlist
8778 Going Down To all teams in the lower half of the table. Playlist
9967 Holloway! Quality manager but Argyle fans showing what they thought of him during Argyle's 1-0 at Leicester after he left us Playlist
11491 W*nker Great ringtone material Playlist
12214 We Hate Exeter Sung to our old mates from up the line Playlist
13131 Mackems, Give A Song Winding the Smoggies up Playlist
15157 Shall I Be Argyle, Shall I Be City?
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15433 Winning At Home A favourite if we're winning at the Theatre Of Greens
15587 David Norris Scum.
15661 Sign On! Sung to Tranmere when they came down.
15809 You'll Have No Fans Left Sang to the stewards.
15878 What Do You Think Of Exeter? For the dung up the road..
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