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586 W*nker Great ringtone material Playlist
1037 One Team in Devon One team in devon
1172 Shall I Be Argyle, Shall I Be City?
1406 This Is How It Feels to Be City inbreds!!
1759 We Are the City Haters! Nuff said
2018 Poor City Fan.. Another for Exeter
3185 David Norris Scum.
3487 City Ran Too Fast Exeter City, top runners
3580 Dirty Northerners Plymouth vs North Amazing Chant - Ripping Anyone North Of Plymouth (So Everyone) Playlist
3860 You'll Have No Fans Left Sang to the stewards.
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3881 Get out of Our Club! To the board and Japs!!
4536 We Pay Your Wages To the stewards again!
4614 We Hate Exeter Sung to our old mates from up the line Playlist
5714 Mackems, Give a Song Winding the Smoggies up Playlist
5800 Build a Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
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