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Come on the county

983 Can You Hear Brighton Sing? shhhhh... Playlist
3105 Cheerio See ya... Playlist
3197 Can We Play You Every Week Please... Playlist
6685 Nice Ground Brighton meh.... Playlist
8623 Championship You're Having a Laugh Ryman more like... Playlist
10744 Easy Too,too easy... Playlist
16228 Hughsey'S Gonna Get Ya! Chant by Newport County fans directed at former fan favourite Craig Hughes
18898 Shall We Sing a Song for You Get the Welsh choir in... Playlist
19170 Empty Seats Everywhere... Playlist
19869 Goal Kick Now then on three... Playlist
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20564 Just Because We're Welsh Don't mess boyo... Playlist
20981 Sit Down and Behave Yourself Shut it you sl... Playlist
21961 Sacked in the Morning Bad day at the office... Playlist

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