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9706 We Hate Nottingham Forest Top Mansfield chant having a go at our enemies Playlist
12182 We'll Sing on Our Own Boring! Playlist
13260 Stand Up If You Hate Spireites We don't love you and we don't follow you... Playlist
13287 Useless Terrible at best... Playlist
13725 Who Are Ya? Well... Playlist
13773 Cheat, Cheat, Cheat Says it all really... Playlist
13816 Town Full of Smackheads It's not all it's cracked up to be... Playlist
13957 Your Support Non existant... Playlist
14416 I Wanna Go Home Stockport? Get me outta here... Playlist
15730 Easy Easy Easy What is it?! Playlist
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16432 Can We Play You Every Week a song about crap opponent
16905 Scotty Garner for scott garner
17347 You Can Stick Your Spire Mansfield havin' a go at Chesterfield's spire.
17671 Stand Up If You Hate Stewards A song sung to stewards
17754 You Fat... A song sung to a fat player
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