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431 One Team in Devon ECFC.. One team in devon! Playlist
675 We All P in a Green and White Pot Another anti Argyle chant from Exeter City Playlist
821 ... on the Argyle Everybody s*it on the Argyle because they're a load of s*ite!
964 F off Argyle Argyle or hated neighbours Playlist
1333 Your Not Fit to Run the Line Your not fit to...
2559 You're Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In To Argyle.. Your gonna get your fu**ing head kicked in Playlist
2723 Sh*t on the Torquay Sometimes b*stards replaces Torquay in the words
2846 The Boys from the West Country we are the boys from the West Country Playlist
3149 Can We Play You Every Week Sang to Leeds fans when we convincly beat them 2-0
3445 Ricey Is a W*nker Sung at Rice when he moved to Torquay.
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3633 You're Not Fit to Referee You're not fit to Referee
4470 You're Going Home in a Devon Ambulance You've been warned
5208 (Sheffield Wednesday) They're Better Than You Sang to Shef Utd fans
5242 We're Exeter City, We're Taking the ... Sang away at Sheffield Wednesday Playlist
6188 Who the Hell Are You? Huh? Playlist
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