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7251 Signed for the Rovers Neil Kilkenny kicking himself for going to Leeds. Playlist
7597 Who Are Ya? Who? Playlist
7704 You Don't Know What You're Doing Sung to the refs usually Playlist
7911 We All Hate Leeds Scum An old classic still stands true today. Playlist
8659 12 Men Including the ref... Playlist
8993 Easy, Easy, Easy, Easy Great when this one's sung. Playlist
9484 You're Supposed to Be at Home Donny fans outsinging the home fans again Playlist
10371 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung to Leeds, classic. Playlist
12747 We Hate Rotherham It's in the name. Doncaster's song for local enemies Rotherham Playlist
16429 Can We Play U Sang when embarassing opposition
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17951 Iron Avin a go at Scunthorpe
18445 What the Hell Is That? Rovers singing to a stupid Peterborough mascot
19033 Inbreds!!! Dirty Dingle Barnsley
19543 Dirty Scouse lol
19709 Were Looking at Leeds we hate leeds
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