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8612 Useless Sung when the opposition f up Playlist
8626 Can We Play You Every Week Please, it's too easy Playlist
8748 Dirty Northerners it's f*cking grim oop North Playlist
8998 You've Never Beaten Us Sang to Leeds, a draw and a win 07/08 Playlist
9084 All Hate Gloucester We hate em (Ed: Well someone has to I suppose) Playlist
9134 Sit Down Scum Sung at Leeds, just sit down Playlist
9199 You What? Can't hear you Playlist
9327 My Garden Shed Having a go at the oppositions ground Playlist
9334 Shall We Sing a Song for You? Sing up you t*ssers Playlist
9816 No Fans... Empty seats everywhere in this s*ithole Playlist
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19610 Crackhead Cheltenham fans to some Leyton Orient chav fans
19843 In the Gloucester Slums Gloucester slum scum
21378 Boring! Sung to the away fans when they don't start the wave when we ask them to
21662 Its a Donny Family Like the adams family

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