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3093 Can We Play You Every Week Please, it's too easy Playlist
4644 Its a Donny Family Like the adams family
8066 All Hate Gloucester We hate em (Ed: Well someone has to I suppose) Playlist
9221 My Garden Shed Having a go at the oppositions ground Playlist
11333 Sit Down Scum Sung at Leeds, just sit down Playlist
12909 Dirty Northerners it's f*cking grim oop North Playlist
13429 You What? Can't hear you Playlist
14523 Useless Sung when the opposition f up Playlist
15067 Shall We Sing a Song for You? Sing up you t*ssers Playlist
17316 You've Never Beaten Us Sang to Leeds, a draw and a win 07/08 Playlist
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17555 In the Gloucester Slums Gloucester slum scum
17586 Crackhead Cheltenham fans to some Leyton Orient chav fans
18453 No Fans... Empty seats everywhere in this s*ithole Playlist
21753 Boring! Sung to the away fans when they don't start the wave when we ask them to

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