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Blackpool 'avin a go football songs

Tangerines singing by the seaside.

4039 Shall We Sing a Song for You Quiet over there eh Playlist
4064 Who the Hell Are You? Makes a funny ringtone Playlist
4297 Can You Hear the Preston Sing? Thought not Playlist
6262 Interbred Burnley Scum Bless em, love is in the air. Playlist
7463 Let's All Laugh at Preston Nananana - hey! Playlist
7545 Chim Chimney Blackpool We hate Burnley, we hate Burnley Playlist
10590 We All Hate Burnley Every last one of em. Playlist
10736 Stand Up If You Hate Preston Great to play on yer iPhone in the pub Playlist
13453 We Support Our Local Team Sung at Man U - where most fans are southerners Playlist
14983 Giggs... Funny chant sung to Giggs when we played Scum Playlist
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15504 S**** Ground No Fans Regular chant from the Pools Playlist
15664 Sing When You're Winning They never sing Playlist
16334 Your Support One we sing when they're not supporting Playlist
19072 Wonder What It's Like to Be Preston Not great Playlist
19764 Time to Go! When we're winning and there fans are leaving early! Playlist
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