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Accrington Stanley 'avin a go football songs

Accrington Stanley... Exactly! Originally formed in 1891, it came back to life in 1966.

2968 Get Into 'em Lets 'ave ya Playlist
3181 W*nker Does what it says on tin, Accrington Stanley style Playlist
5915 If I Had Wings Accrington s*itting on Man U.
6175 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung at Leeds Playlist
8121 No Surrender gavin-a-go at leeds scum Playlist
8704 We All Hate Leeds Scum Doesn't everyone? Cracking on yer iPhone Playlist
9056 Champions/Premier League Leeds, you f*cked it up didn't ya? Playlist
10248 Shall We Sing a Song for You You're a bit quiet over there Playlist
11267 Your Support Check out the geezer who says 'so is ours', funny Playlist
11453 We Can See You Sneaking Out Reckon we can't see you do ye? Playlist
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12044 We're Fans Not criminals.. der. Playlist
17771 The Bill Having a go at the old bill
18652 Yorkshire Family Not the best recording but a funny one all the same Playlist
21509 Can You Hear the Yorkshire's Sing? Thought not Playlist
21744 The Ref Enough said Playlist
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