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1220 Portsmouth He's Only a Poor Little Scummer And now he don't sing any more - never did. Playlist
1366 Portsmouth Don't Sing or You'll Wake Them Up How many times do we hear...nothing Playlist
1404 Portsmouth Your Support Giving it to 'em straight. Playlist
1499 Crewe When I Was Just a Little Boy We hate clayheads. Playlist
1717 Exeter You're Gonna Get Your Head Kicked In To Argyle.. Your gonna get your fu**ing head kicked in Playlist
1751 Exeter One Team in Devon ECFC.. One team in devon! Playlist
1843 Leyton Orient We Hate West Ham More Than You Sang to Millwall Playlist
1981 Leyton Orient Sit Down, Shut Up Sit down and be quiet, send the MP3 to a friend Playlist
2037 Exeter Useless Aimed at crappy players Playlist
2046 Exeter The Boys from the West Country we are the boys from the West Country Playlist
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2222 Cheltenham Town Useless Sung when the opposition f up Playlist
2239 Exeter We're Exeter City, We're Taking the ... Sang away at Sheffield Wednesday Playlist
2249 Plymouth You Dirty Northern... Sang to .....well everybody Playlist
2374 Exeter We Hate Argyle, We Are the Argyle Haters Scum scum! Playlist
2385 Cheltenham Town Shall We Sing a Song for You? Sing up you t*ssers Playlist
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