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2691 Portsmouth Stand Up If You Hate The Scum Stand up and be counted, we all hate the scummers. Playlist
3797 Portsmouth He's Only A Poor Little Scummer And now he don't sing any more - never did. Playlist
4314 Blackpool Interbred Burnley Scum Bless em, love is in the air. Playlist
4472 Portsmouth Don't Sing Or You'll Wake Them Up How many times do we hear...nothing Playlist
4549 Blackpool You're Not Singing Anymore Sung when we put a couple past 'em, quality. Playlist
4690 Portsmouth Your Support Giving it to 'em straight. Playlist
4779 Plymouth Dirty Northerners Plymouth vs North Amazing Chant - Ripping Anyone North Of Plymouth (So Everyone) Playlist
4940 Portsmouth Who Are Ya (With Bells On) The bells, the bells. Play Up Mr Pompey. Playlist
5048 Exeter This County Is Ours F*ck off to Cornwall Playlist
5070 Wycombe We All Hate Slough (And Col U) Blue Army havin' a go at Slough and Col U Playlist
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5150 Crewe When I Was Just A Little Boy We hate clayheads. Playlist
5489 Blackpool Time To Go! When we're winning and there fans are leaving early! Playlist
5563 Portsmouth Sit Down Shut Up Shut up you Northern muppets. Playlist
5616 Notts County The Red Side Of The Trent Notts county S*ittin on the Forest. Playlist
5767 Portsmouth That's Why You're Going Down Rubbish, deserve to go down. Playlist
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