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Tranmere 'avin a go football songs

The Super Whites of Prenton Park

6420 Tranmere Take the P... Lording it over em. Classic Tranmere. Playlist
7993 Time to Go Adios and see you later, the Rovers see em off again. Playlist
8426 Who the F**k Are Leeds United Who are ya? Playlist
8736 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung to Leeds and Notts Forest this year. Playlist
9379 Who Are Ya? Well? Another one for the mobile phone. Playlist
9795 We All Hate Leeds Scum An old football chant, sung elsewhere and rightly so. Playlist
9943 W*nker Sung by the Rovers when someone p*sses us off. Playlist
11311 Cheat Fell Over Big girl, Tranmere taking the p*ss out of the soft opposition. Playlist
15020 The Tranmere Boys i think our hooligans sing this i really dont know on this one
15161 Manchester... Sung against Oldham & Accrington Stanley
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15299 Can We Play You Every Week Sung to anyone who wae are beating about 3-0
16125 Yorkshire Scum Sung at Leeds, Yorkshire can be changed to the name of any county
16439 Who's the Bast*rd in the Black avin a go at the ref when hes made a bad decision!!
16633 Up Ya A*se Up Ya A*se Sung to Leicester fans
17092 I'd Rather Be a Scouser! sung to the tune of 'she'll be coming round the mountain'
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