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9682 A-R-G-Y-L-E Never the team for me!! Playlist
11102 You're Not Singing Anymore It's all gone quiet over there Playlist
11416 Who the Hell Are Man United Indeed.. Playlist
11758 W*nker Charming! Playlist
12827 Goal Kick You're not very good... Playlist
13140 Let Him Die! Sung to any player that has dived Playlist
15105 Sh*t Ground, No Fans! Sung to many teams with awful support!
15134 Burtons Crackin Up! Was relevant at the time lol
15820 Are You City! So bad, you could be City!
16072 Premiership You Avin a Larf! Sung when we play a Premiership side in the FA Cup!
  Premier League Betting
16259 Can You Hear...? Shocking support!
16318 It'S Nice to Know Your 'Ere! Now you've woken up, p*ss off!
16462 Sit Down Di Canio Sung to Swindon Towns Mental manager
16531 ... on the City! ANother one to dump on
16551 You Fat ... Sung when we see lard lad...
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