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The Gulls of plainmoor

638 Sing When Your Winning! Only sing when your winning!
1180 I Wanna Go Home Sung at Accy, what a dump!!
1334 Useless! Your Crap!!
2030 You're Supposed to Be at Home! Sung when we've out sung the home/away fans!
2726 Refs! Always get sh*t refs!!
3362 ... on the Argyle! Cos they are a load of ...
4119 Shall We Sing a Song for You! Your support is so bad, shall we do it for you?!
4786 Who the Hell Are You!? Who are ya!?!?
5278 W*nker Charming! Playlist
5483 Sh*t Ground, No Fans! Sung to many teams with awful support!
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6660 We All Hate Grecians! We 'ate 'em!
6910 Build a Bonfire... We hate city and argyle!
7114 Go Down Pub...... Sung to all the Northerners
7573 Are You City! So bad, you could be City!
7732 Let Him Die! Sung to any player that has dived Playlist
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