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The Gulls of plainmoor

4610 Go Down Pub...... Sung to all the Northerners
4972 Are You City! So bad, you could be City!
5255 The Referee and the Lino To the tune of ' come on Torquay come Torquay come on Torquay come on!!!
5321 Oh Exeter Torquay chant against our closest rivals Exeter
5544 Premiership You Avin a Larf! Sung when we play a Premiership side in the FA Cup!
5995 Can You Hear...? Shocking support!
6112 It'S Nice to Know Your 'Ere! Now you've woken up, p*ss off!
6372 Sit Down Di Canio Sung to Swindon Towns Mental manager
6648 ... on the City! ANother one to dump on
6695 You Fat ... Sung when we see lard lad...
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6764 On the Pitch Last Game Of The Season ;)
7275 1 Nil and You Still Don't Sing! Rubbish support, even when you've scored!
7781 In the Northern Slums... Sung to all the Northern bast*rds!
7855 You What!? What!?!?
8392 The Gulls Are Going Up, but Argyle Are Going Down Haha!
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