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The Lincolnshire Poachers loud and proud

15412 Circus Imps clownin around with Boston in this harmless chant.
15782 Smack Head Sung to the opposition goalkeeper
16284 B*stard in the Black Sung towards the referee if having a bad game
16540 Sh*t on the Ba*tards Below Sung towards any opposition
17263 Time to Go Goodbye
17576 Chim Chimney Imps havin' a go at Mansfield
17809 Nick Nack Paddywack Aimed at Boston
18169 We Smell Fish Aimed at Grimsby
18183 Two Sheep Went to Bed Went to Bed with Roberts Avin a go at Dagenhams Welsh keeper
18655 Big Fat Yorkshire B*stards Big fat b*stard
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18881 The Referee's a W*nker Nuff said
18891 We've Been Known to Score a Goal Sung during Suttons reign
19126 We All Hate Leeds Scum Aimed at leeds united
19763 Old Anti 'Ull not really sung now as we don't play Hull anymore!
19827 Your Support Sung towards teams with cr*p support
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