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Chester 'avin a go football songs

Chester are back and are no longer singing the blues

15548 Never Play You Again Chester havin' a go @ predicting a Wrexham relegation.
15764 Goin' Down City havin' a go at Wrexham to the tune of Eng-ger-land!
17732 What Shall I Be Chester shooting the sheep s*aggers.
18159 The Baby's Not Yours Directed at Rhys Melvin, regarding his illegitimate child
19998 3 Stands Chester fans taking the piss out of Aldershot's poor attempt at a ground.
20093 Wrexham Town Chester City havin' a go at the Wrexham w*nkers!
20313 Wrexham's Going Down Chester havin' a go at Wrexham to the tune of Three Lions.
20518 All Hate Stewards Sang to stewards

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