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2080 Tranmere Time to Go Adios and see you later, the Rovers see em off again. Playlist
2155 Tranmere Who the F**k Are Leeds United Who are ya? Playlist
2442 Tranmere We All Hate Leeds Scum An old football chant, sung elsewhere and rightly so. Playlist
2457 Aldershot Town No Fans... Rubbish ground with matching fans Playlist
2860 York City Let's All Laugh at Luton On 3. After me... Playlist
3069 Torquay Let Him Die! Sung to any player that has dived Playlist
3401 York City Your Support Well it is isn't it? Playlist
3457 Gateshead Town Full of Kebab Shops! Sang to Luton Town FC
3469 Torquay ... on the Argyle! Cos they are a load of ...
3609 York City Are You Luton in Disguise? Are you that bad? Playlist
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3956 York City You What? - York Excuse me? Playlist
4018 Tranmere Sh*t Refs sung to the ref when he makes a bad decision
4089 Torquay Shall We Sing a Song for You! Your support is so bad, shall we do it for you?!
4177 Dagenham & Redbridge Sing When You're Farming Dagenham & Redbridge havin' a go @ Ipswich
4401 Macclesfield Town Premiership You're Having a Laugh Bolton? Premiership? Playlist
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