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2327 All Gone Quiet over There Sung when we've shut the opposition up Playlist
3699 What a Hole Dump Playlist
4528 Will You Ever? win it?
4543 You're Not Singing Anymore Chanted when its all gone quite Playlist
5081 Scum You know it
5517 Where Were You? Man City and Villa mainly
6167 Wings of a Black Bird black bird song
6274 Leeds - S*it! Chant in response to what Leeds fans are singing. Playlist
6344 Just to P*ss Em' Off!!!! Sang when they announced over the tannoy to only Jack Harris end about persistant standing Lol well funny all stood up singing!!!
6371 You'Re Too Fat Fat lino's
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6853 We'll Sing on Our Own We are the South Bank! Playlist
6959 All Gone Quiet over There Sang to the silenced Villa fans when we went 2-1 up mocking the empty seats
7130 Shall We Kick? Come on then!
7296 Who the F*ck Are Man Utd Wolves go marching on
7386 Have You Eaten All Your Mates A fat loner
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