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Some of the Royals funnier chants in print, if you have any audios, send 'em in.

493 Referee's a W**ker For the men in black Playlist
1037 I Wanna Go Home Sung at bad grounds or towns and cities Playlist
1188 Sing When Your Winning Another one having a go Playlist
1658 We Hate Swindon We are the Swindon haters!
2591 S*it Ref Having a go at another referee Playlist
3167 Goal Kick Sung to the goaly before he is s*it! Playlist
3677 Worse Than Graham Poll Sang to cr*p refs Playlist
3747 You're Not Singing Anymore Sung regularly Playlist
4375 Grim Northern Hole Sung when we play away at northern grounds Playlist
4713 You Got Done by Duberry Done Playlist
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5072 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung to Leeds scummers Playlist
5768 Go Get a Proper Job Stewards, otherwise known as Hitler Youth Playlist
5984 Get Into 'em Sung to get the players going Playlist
6075 What the Hell Is That? Well? Playlist
6681 More Noise in a Library Sung at quiet grounds Playlist
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