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1864 I Wanna Go Home Won't be playing them this season. QPR song sung 10-11 season Playlist
2145 Your Support QPR - best support in the league, this ones used to shame the opposition. Playlist
2282 Sit Down Shut Up Sung when the opposition are getting bit lary. Playlist
3935 Your Ground's Too Big for You Empty seats everywhere... Playlist
6186 You're Not Famous Sang to Leeds and other teams that have fallen from grace Playlist
6679 If You Can't Talk Proper Shut Yer Mouth Sang to Northerners (who don't understand what we're singing) Playlist
7177 What the Hell Was That? What was that? Playlist
9689 Surrender or die Sung about the scummers Chelsea
11020 We Pay Your Benefits Scousers and Northerners in general Playlist
11804 One Song S*it support Playlist
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12334 F**K off Luton!!! Luton pricks
15340 Luton Town Is Full of S**t Luton is s**t
15544 We Hate You Chelsea Oh Chelsea we hate you!
16372 Dirty Northern Scummers Playlist
16895 We All Hate Leeds Scum Dirty Northern … Sung at Leeds :) Playlist
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