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Preston 'avin a go football songs

Lancastrian North Enders giving it some.

4680 When I Was Just a Little Boy Should I be Blackpool or PNE? Playlist
5798 You Know You Are... One for the Dingles or L**ds scum Playlist
6387 Chim Chim Cher-ee Preston We hate the b**tards in claret and blue Playlist
7139 Time to Go Sung when they are leaving before the end Playlist
7426 Always Look on Turf Moor... Turf Moor Sh*t Heap Playlist
7660 We All Hate Leeds Scum Who doesn't? Playlist
8141 You're Interbred Yorkshire Scum Equally applicable to the Dingles Playlist
8478 Who's That Jumping off the Pier Having a go at Simon Grayson's Blackpool Playlist
9273 Who the Hell Are You? Could be anybody! Playlist
9833 Jump Around If You Hate Burnley Lots of jumping then Playlist
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9889 Burnley Scum Inbreds Playlist
10196 Dirty Yorkshire For the sheep worriers over the border Playlist
10361 H E a L Y To tune of H A P P Y. Ability to spell required! Playlist
10723 Shall We Sing a Song for You And it's all gone quiet over there Playlist
10962 Going Down on Your Sister Hahahaha Playlist
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