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Lancastrian North Enders giving it some.

705 Foot & Mouth Sung versus the farmers Norwich
2264 Gerrard Going Down Aniother for Gerrard regarding his criminal capers
3152 Elland Road Is Full of Sh*t No surprise there
3741 Always Look on Turf Moor... Turf Moor Sh*t Heap Playlist
3759 Jump Around If You Hate Burnley Lots of jumping then Playlist
4566 What's It Like to S*ag a Sheep Sheep shaggers (Swansea)
4666 Have You Ever Seen Your D**K Preston V Southampton (a chant against a fat southampton fan)
5111 Shall We Sing a Song for You And it's all gone quiet over there Playlist
5150 Who the Hell Are You? Could be anybody! Playlist
5178 Who Are Ya? Nobodies Playlist
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5783 We're Winning Away Sung when we're playing away Playlist
6455 You're Supposed to Be at Home Sung when we're away Playlist
7643 Who's That Jumping off the Pier Having a go at Simon Grayson's Blackpool Playlist
8513 Championship, You're Having a Laugh Gallows humour?
9864 Dennis Wise Is Illegitimate He ain't got no birth certificate
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