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Norwich 'avin a go football songs

Canaries singing from the terrace tops.

2667 You're Not Singing Anymore When The Fans Ain't Singing Any More Playlist
3005 Your Ground's Too Big for You Not many fans at all Playlist
4360 Stand Up If You Hate the Scum Everybody on your feet Playlist
4424 We All Hate Leeds Scum We sing about dirty Leeds Playlist
5564 Your Support Shocking and embarassing Playlist
5577 You Fat... Sang to anyone portly, ref, player or fan Playlist
6390 Luis Suarez, Dives When He Wants So that'll be often then Playlist
6609 The Scum Are Going Down! And they did, and could go further Playlist
8947 We Get to Go Home Sung at Liverpool but applicable to all crap cities Playlist
9108 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere? Not here. Playlist
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9574 Who Are Ya? Classic Playlist
9691 We Pay for Your Dole Sung to scousers Playlist
10279 You're Gonna Win Nowt You'll win nothing! Playlist
11859 4-0 and You Still Don't Sing Pitifull - from when we played the scousers Playlist
12025 One Tom Daley Sung at Ashley Young/ Suarez or any champion divers Playlist
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