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Newcastle 'avin a go football songs

All the latest from the Stadium of Noise, St James Park. Big up the toon army!

1245 You're Not Singing Anymore Classic Playlist
1960 Stand Up If You Hate Sunderland Arise fellow Magpies Playlist
2112 Sad Mackem Most of 'em are. Playlist
3349 Your Support Rubbish. Playlist
3445 Bouncy Bounce then Playlist
3507 Who Are Ya? Old chant sung by most teams Playlist
3738 The Wings Of A Sparrow Sung at Sunderland fans. Playlist
3976 Dirty Mackems Giving it to the Mackems straight Playlist
4104 What The Hell Is That? When we see something strange during a match, like when the opposing fans are waving strange flags or signs at us Playlist
4161 Get Into Em A rouser to get the lads going. Playlist
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4166 Ashley Cole Sung to Ashley Cole for being erm well him Playlist
4217 What's It Like To See A Crowd Also sung to teams with almost no fans. Ed: extended version Playlist
4333 Scum, Scum, Scum It's all in the name Playlist
4399 Fat Cockney We don't like Cockneys Playlist
4783 Back to Pennywell Aimed at Sunderland Most people are familiar with the Pennywell area as a result of its high crime rate throughout the 1990's (Ed: Thanks to Louai for the explanation) Playlist
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