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Marching On Together! Definitely in the top tier of support in Europe. Always amazing away from home. If you're a neutral or foreigner wanting to watch an English game, then get a ticket for a Leeds away game, they turn up in big numbers and create a massive support. "We All Hate Leeds Scum" is our most popular song, sung by nearly every team on the UK site; be proud of that Leeds fans :)

823 Boo! Good for profiling yer ex, or other person you don't like, on your mobile. Playlist
1384 If You Hate Leeds United 'ave a Go Come on then...let's be 'aving yer! Playlist
1397 January 3rd On January 3rd 2010 Leeds Beat Man Utd at Old Trafford (ED: Great vid too) Playlist
1485 Manchester Classic Leeds football chant Playlist
1948 Poor Little Cockney Come on then w*nkers. (Ed: Better version added) Playlist
2249 The Ref Not liking this ref Playlist
2929 Get out of Our Club A chant about our owner who we generally don't like Playlist
2954 Bates Out! Bates Out! Chelsea out! Sung a lot at the moment Playlist
3032 Goal Kick Assisting the goalie with his goal kick Playlist
3264 We Hate Chelsea Who doesn't? Playlist
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3338 Burnley Inbreds Lancashire chavs Playlist
3601 Premiership Yer Having a Laugh Pub team Playlist
3640 Scum of Elland Road No need to guess who that is. Get out! Playlist
3805 Blackburn Will Murder You Sang to Burnley when we played pre-season Playlist
4174 Gone Christmas Shopping Telling them to stop wasting their time following such drivel Playlist
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