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Cardiff City 'avin a go football songs

The Welsh doing what they do best.

2625 In the Swansea Slums Welsh scousers. Playlist
3993 England Is Full What a toilet. Playlist
5489 Same Old English Cheating scumbags, Playlist
5723 You Don't Know What You're Doing Simple and effective tune to try and influence the ref and/ or intimidate the culprit player. Playlist
6432 Who the Hell Are You? Who are ya, who are ya? Playlist
6438 Cheerio Seeing them off the premises. Playlist
7783 Premiership You're Having a Laugh Was sung at those poor Boro b*stards. Playlist
7802 And We Were Singing A take on the Swansea classic Playlist
8495 Empty Seats They've all gone home, wonder why. Playlist
8869 You're Supposed to Be at Home Outsung by the Welsh again. Playlist
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9656 England's Staying Home Another taking the p*ss out of the English not qualifying. Playlist
9816 Sit Down and Behave Yourself Sung when they're lot are getting out of hand. Playlist
10354 You Jack... This one goes out to all you Jacks out there... Playlist
10507 Easy All too easy for the City. Playlist
10794 Get Your Hair Cut Get yer hair cut mate.. Playlist
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