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3404 Sit Down, Shut Up Just sit down and shut up, sung when they do as they are told Playlist
3807 The Referee No point in rules if you don't follow em Playlist
4860 Shall We Sing a Song for You? Sung when the opposition need tellin' Playlist
6122 We Hate Stewards Don't we all? Playlist
6223 Number 1 Having a go at the goalie Playlist
8123 Off! Send the scum bag off Playlist
8256 Who Are Ya? Standard footie chant fare Playlist
8737 You Fat... Having a go at chubby. Says what is says in the chant Playlist
8976 One Man Went to War More anti Fulham
9231 You're Not Very Good Really not good at all Playlist
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9927 Celebrate Like We Won the Cup Taking the right p*ss out of Russell Slade Playlist
10184 Does Mc'Donalds Know You're Here Having a go at fat boy Playlist
10679 Fat Boy, Fat Boy Having a go at lard lad Playlist
11190 It's All Your Fault Blame it on the boogie. Poor recording but worth adding. Playlist
11314 Aldersh*t Sung to Aldershot
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