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The latest banter from Ewood Park Terraces!

3490 Stand Up If You Hate Burnley Does what is says on the tin. Local rivals Burnley despised at Ewood. Playlist
4555 Who Are Ya? Sung to whoever, mp3 is good for sending to a friend as a joke. Playlist
4730 Chim Chim Cher-ee Blackburn Having a go at Burnley Playlist
5289 Wanderers Singing about close neighbours Bolton Wanderers. Playlist
6900 The Referee's a Scouser It's the only job he can get Playlist
6959 We All Hate Burnley My ringtone Playlist
8766 S*it! We Hate Burnley Not the greatest recording but really funny Playlist
8785 I Wanna Go Home (Worst Trip) Sung all over, except Blackburn Playlist
9455 Sit Down and Behave Yourself Sang if they get all lairy Playlist
10162 W*nker Sang to tossers Playlist
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10333 Shoes off If You Hate Burnley Get em off lads, class ringtone Playlist
10483 Liverpool Red Sox Yankee Doodle Scousers Playlist
10561 Can You Hear the Scousers Sing? I hear nothing and it's how it should be, divs Playlist
10701 Steve Gerrard Puts in a Transfer Request Needs to play for a big club Playlist
10850 You're Supposed to Be in Jail For various including 'arry Playlist
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