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3398 Who Put the Ball in the Arsenal Net Obafemi Martins that's who Playlist
4527 We'll Meet Again Usually sang to those on their way to relegation Playlist
4579 Who the Hell Are You? Eh? Playlist
5079 Send You Down Sang at Shearer when he managed Newcastle and we played em Playlist
5206 You'll Do What Your Told Sung in conjunction with 'we'll do what we want'
5350 You've Never Won Pitiful team Playlist
5429 All Bounce If You Hate Villa BOUNCE Playlist
5654 All Talk Fannie Why don't you speak English! Playlist
5905 Is There a Fire Drill? Where've you gone? Playlist
6155 Local Team? Sung when playing Man United
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6521 F**k 'em All And the rest of em, take em all.
6596 Stick Your Camera Sung to the police if they go round filming everyone! See Youtube
7104 Only Sing When You're Robbing Sang to Liverpool when they were silent
7314 They All Talk F*nny over There! sung to the opposition
7636 All Dance If You Hate Villa Accompanied with dancing, waving arms...
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