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Barnsley 'avin a go football songs

Tykes from South Yorkshire in full song.

1761 Hello, Hello, We Ae the Barnsley Boys Great football song. Playlist
3255 You Fat... Who are they singing about, we wonder? Playlist
4709 Going Bust Down the plug hole with the rest of the scum. Playlist
4784 Fishing Till You Die Brilliant funny sang to Hull and Grimsby (sang to the tune of Barnsley till I die).
5012 Oooh Wednesday We Hate You! Heard once and found in hilarious
5194 Oh Sheffield Oh Sheffield Is Full Of Sh*t
5262 Sh*t and You Know You Are Sung to ALL our rivals... Playlist
5345 Wings of the Eagle Barnsley’s version of the Birdie Song, sung to Sheffield Wednesday.
5767 You've Got More Balls Than Fans Says it all
6441 Sheep Sheep Sheep S*aggers Sung at the Millenium Stadium against Swansea.
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6494 Second Team from Sheffield Barnsley fans let Sheffield Wednesday know where they stand.
6770 Empty Seats Sang at grounds which are only half full
6998 Score in a Brothel Sung At Charlton When they Just Couldn't Score.
7599 Premiership You're Having a Laugh Sing to the Sheffield United
8175 Stick Your Camera Sang to the police when the using video cameras.
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