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Barnsley 'avin a go football songs

Tykes from South Yorkshire in full song.

2627 Stick Your Camera Sang to the police when the using video cameras.
3298 Where Have You Been Sang to all away fans when they start singing
3547 You Fill Up My Senses Barnsley boy's cracker for Sheffiled United
3722 Morgan Dies What we sang to Morgan
4007 Oh Rotherham Sung when Barnsley play Rotherham.
4892 You Fat... Who are they singing about, we wonder? Playlist
5053 Your Dad's a C*nt, so Are You Like father like son...
6030 New Ground Funny sang to Hull when they got a new ground and crowds swelled.
7889 We All Hate Leeds Scum Sung to Leeds when they visit (and when they don’t). Playlist
8009 Hello, Hello, We Ae the Barnsley Boys Great football song. Playlist
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8044 Have U Come in a Taxi Having a go a poor attendances by some away fans.
8192 Oooh Wednesday We Hate You! Heard once and found in hilarious
9326 Your Mum's Your Dad Sang to Swansea fans
9399 Scabs Sung to anyone from Nottingham coz of miner's strike in 80's
10014 Small Town in Stoke Sang to Port Vale
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