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1212 Leeds United Boo! Good for profiling yer ex, or other person you don't like, on your mobile. Playlist
1245 Newcastle You're Not Singing Anymore Classic Playlist
1255 Aston Villa The Referee Nice bit of intimidation. Playlist
1440 Aston Villa My Old Man City fan? B*****ks to that! Playlist
1960 Newcastle Stand Up If You Hate Sunderland Arise fellow Magpies Playlist
1970 QPR Stick Yer Blue Flag Up Ye... Sideways.... Playlist
1977 Birmingham City We've Never Won Whatever Playlist
1978 Aston Villa Sh*t On the City What else? Classic Villa. Playlist
2112 Newcastle Sad Mackem Most of 'em are. Playlist
2268 Nottingham Forest Get Into 'em - Forest Sung to get The Forest going Playlist
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2296 Sheffield Wednesday At The Lane Where's yer famous BBC? Playlist
2341 Nottingham Forest We Hate Derby And Derby Of Course Playlist
2365 Leeds United If You Hate Leeds United 'ave A Go Come on then...let's be 'aving yer! Playlist
2399 Leeds United January 3rd On January 3rd 2010 Leeds Beat Man Utd at Old Trafford (ED: Great vid too) Playlist
2561 Brighton Seagulls Staple chant for the Seasiders Playlist
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