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United Kingdom 'avin a go (Page 5) Football Chants

Top 'avin a go football songs from England

1244 Newcastle United England You're Not Singing Anymore Classic Playlist
1252 Aston Villa England The Referee Nice bit of intimidation. Playlist
1253 Leeds United England Boo! Good for profiling yer ex, or other person you don't like, on your mobile. Playlist
1256 Manchester United England F Off City! You can never hate City enough! Playlist
1274 Liverpool England What The Hell Was That? What was that? Playlist
1288 Manchester United England Top Of The League And That's A Fact Man United - Top of the league - That must be a fact Rafa Playlist
1290 Southampton England When I Was Just A Little Boy Wise word's from any mother. Playlist
1310 Arsenal England No History Chelsea FC, nuff said Playlist
1319 Liverpool England Your Hero Is Scouse Scouse loving Mancs everywhere. (Refers to Man United's Wayne Rooney being Scouse) Playlist
1362 England Football Team England 10 German Bombers In The Air 10 German bombers, RAF shot 'em down Playlist
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1375 Chelsea England We Hate Tottenham And We Hate Tottenham If we beat Bayern, you're out - aaah! (May 2012) Playlist
1378 Chelsea England Your Support Well if it ain't C.F.C. Playlist
1382 Manchester United England Who Are Ya? Sung at unknown away players or fans, nobody\'s. Make\'s a good ringtone. Playlist
1402 West Bromwich Albion England Dodgy Refs... Why does that happen, every time! Playlist
1409 Arsenal England It's All Gone Quiet Over There Can not hear you anymore Playlist
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