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Hamilton Anthems football songs

The accies might have started as a school team but they sure aren't one now

1655 Born Under an Accies Flag! Never forget it
3708 We Are we love
5534 Red and White dynamite!
5648 We Love You! We Love You! That's the way we like it!!!
6235 Stand Up stand up
6789 Hamilton FC Pride of Lanarkshire Great sound on this chant for Hamilton Playlist
7517 We Hate Albion Rovers Accies vs Lanarkshire (to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory)
9045 Accies Through and Through Always there for Hamilton!
9282 Have You Heard of the Hamilton Academical! Accies classic
10366 She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon she wore a
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10393 Champion's League Europe
11552 Im Accies Till I Die NANANA
12230 We Support Our Local Team stay local!
13639 If You're Proud proud Accie!
15807 Stand Up for the Champions champoins
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