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12051 Clyde We are Clyde! Super Clyde! We are 'CLYDE!' Super 'CLYDE!'
14384 Clyde The Song of the Clyde Come on the Bully Wee
15388 Clyde 1,2,3 Classic!
15735 Queens Park When the Quenns Go Marching In I wanna be in that number
16478 Arbroath Northern Lights Song about Arbroath's world record
17185 Stirling Albion We Stand United with Stirling No tune to it, its partialy shouting and singin' to whatever, lol
19814 East Fife Falling in Love with You falling in love
19837 Clyde Hark Now Hear the Clyde Sing Hear us sing!
20879 Stirling Albion Stirling the Brave Sung to 'Scotland the Brave'

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