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816 I Am a FC Fan I am a FC fan by FC United of Manchester was first aired in 2006 and has since spread all over the UK by many clubs adopting their own lversion with rewrote lyrics to suit Playlist
4706 Sloop John B Great Chant
4797 Last Christmas Christmas Song. (Was sung in the first season)
5940 I Don't Care About Rio Anti Rio Ferdinand Chant
6010 Marginson's Red & White Army Marginson's Red & White Army FC United
6559 When FC United Go out to Play When FC United Go Out To Play Playlist
10878 Two Uniteds but the Soul Is One Exactly What It Says Playlist
16330 They Came for Man United's Red Against Modern Football
16399 We've Taken All the Passion and We're Following FC We've taken all the passion and we're following FC
16802 United Sung After A Chance Or Good Bit Of Play Or Just Randomly
  Premier League Betting
17482 And Fergie Said We'll be watching FC!
19680 Bring on United Pre match chant Playlist
21565 This Is How It Feels to Be FC This Is How It Feels To Be FC

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