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879 Swindon, Swindon, Swindon Simple and effective Swindon chant to get the team going. Playlist
1151 Falling in Love - Swindon Classic Swindon football chant, a Swindon anthem for a ringtone. Playlist
1266 Swindon Till I Die Forever and ever, sung regularly, another Swindon song for the mobile. Playlist
1590 Swindon (Clap) Classic and simple Swindon football chant. Playlist
16669 When I Was Just a Little Boy Mother always knows best.
17876 Only Come to Watch the Town! You've only come to watch the Town!
18826 The Reds Are Going Up! The Reds Are Going Up!
19242 West Country West Country
19344 South Stand Sing Us a Song What the Town End sings to the South Stand (Don Rogers Stand)
20972 Town End Give Us a Song What the Don Rogers stand sings to the Town End
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