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125 We Are Millwall Classic, best football anthem ever. Playlist
4967 Evil Chant we are eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllll
6306 Millwall Millwall Fast You know the words... Playlist
9361 Hello Hello We Are the Millwall Boys Run hammers run. Playlist
14678 Let 'em Come Classic Millwall football chant. Playlist
15756 Millwall Millwall Nice and simple Playlist
15939 Millwall! Simple and true Playlist
17403 Bubbles piss take of West Ham's I'm forever blowing bubbles
19006 F**k 'em All United, West Ham, Liverpool Playlist
20121 Rocking All over the World Millwall fans have adopted this as a song to sing when we win at home. Brilliant chant which gets the crowd goin crazy!
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20170 Up the Football League Promotion on the cards?

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