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422 Valley Floyd Road Once released as a single and our best chant. (Ed: Better audio version added of this classic) Playlist
881 Red Army Not a great recording but anthemic fanchant. Playlist
1809 Charlton, Charlton Sing it loud and proud.. Playlist
1822 We Are the Charlton Classic! Great ringtone. Playlist
1883 Red Army, Red Army, Red Army Who's the army in the red? Playlist
2313 Goodbye Horse See you later. Playlist
2349 Come on Charlton, Come On Howay then.... Playlist
5252 Der de der Charlton sung after a goal Playlist
10985 9 Men Sung at every Swindon Game
17813 We Love You Charlton More than life itself Playlist
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17944 South London That's where we're from! Playlist
19409 We All Follow the Charlton Over land and sea

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