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AFC Wimbledon Anthems football songs

Back from the dead and back in the Football League. Top marks!

1196 Der Der Der - Wombles! Lots of 'ders' Playlist
2571 AFC Wimbledon Falling In Love Can't help loving those Wombles - note to ed: better audio. Playlist
2912 Wiiimbledon... Great ringtone material Playlist
3014 Lalala Wimbledon Good old classic Playlist
3192 And It's Wimbledon... By far the greatest chant... Playlist
3631 Yellow And Blue Wombles Lennon was a Womble... Playlist
3658 We Are Wombles From the Lane... Playlist
3770 Oh South London! Milton who....? Playlist
4763 Spell It Out Gimme...... Playlist
5041 Wombles - Clap Lots of Wombles, lots of clapping Playlist
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17133 Show Me The Way To Plough Lane (Tune: Show Me The Way To Go Home)

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