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Huddersfield Town Anthems football songs

A true and proper fan's team- £1 donations back in 1919 meant we didn't have to merge with Leeds. Boom.

841 Ooh to Be a Terrier Huddersfield's finest. Playlist
852 Huddersfield, Huddersfield Simple but best, great ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
1068 Falling in Love - Huddersfield First love's last forever. Good one to send to yer missus on Valentines day. Playlist
1287 Hudders Clap Rousing, Huddersfield chant sung when the lads need a lift. Playlist
1531 We Love You Huddersfield A life long love affair. Playlist
1690 Famous HTFC We're still famous. Top ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
4042 Smile a While Audio misses out the first verse but it's still great! Playlist
20937 I Wanna Be HTFC To the tune of "Anarchy in the UK"
22442 Take Me Home ( Jordan Rhodes) Take me home.

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