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The Welsh doing what they do best.

238 You Are My Cardiff My only cardiff Playlist
1522 We'll Do What We Want Well we are Cardiff.... Playlist
2926 We Will Always Be Blue Cardiff City's home colours have been blue and white since 1908, which gives them the nickname of The Bluebirds. The only exception was between 2012 and 2015 when the Owner Vincent Tan, much to the fans disgust (and thus this song), changed the home colours to red and rebranded the club Playlist
4611 Ninian Park Sung last game of season
5865 Stand Up If Love Ninian sang at the last game at ninian
8912 2 Nil to the Sheep... And another one, come on Cardiff. Playlist
8925 Come on City! Well,come on then... Playlist
10353 Black and White for the swans
11550 Take Me Home Country road tune
15243 Don't Sack Mackay Screaming to the world about the injustice of Tan's impending decision Playlist
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15578 We're Top of the League Numero uno Playlist
15874 Bluebirds Fly my precious, fly. Playlist
16562 We Are Top of the League! You alright down there? Playlist
18813 A. Gerrard Cardiff's Gerrard - to the tune of Que Sera
19663 C-A-R-D-I-F-F (Full Version) Sergeant Major
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