yeldarb99's football chants

Total 19 Plymouth football chants submitted by yeldarb99

5424 Molly Malone Always sang in block 16. Playlist
7364 Your Support to all quiet teams Playlist
8920 Going Down To all teams in the lower half of the table. Playlist
17798 You'll Have No Fans Left Sang to the stewards.
18040 We Pay Your Wages To the stewards again!
18248 Greens Good Argyle tune.
18885 Get Your Growler Out To the munted steward.
19102 I Can't Read, I Can't Write To Norwich.
19982 Block 16 Sang when the atmosphere is good in block 16.
20201 You Cause All the Trouble To all the stewards.
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20599 Peter Halmosi Sung to Peter Halmosi when he was on fire
20628 Follow Follow Trying to get it going Timar.
20652 S*it Refs To s*it refs.
21278 Scotland Because of all our Scottish team.
21494 Hark Now Hear To our pussy rivals.
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