therockifyousmell's football chants

Total 30 Sunderland football chants submitted by therockifyousmell

15467 We Hte Manchester In tune of thats why youre going down
15844 Follow, Follow, Follow Made up song, what a song
16058 Judas Bent This is for Judas the tune of thats the morleyyyy
16269 Ricky Gis A Wave Just give us a wave
16476 Bardsley Idistructable Takin after Arca
16522 If You Love Sunderland Sunderland sing untill bored
16686 Travel Everywere In the tune of Go West
16718 Nyron For England Get him signed up
16893 Oooooah Sung in tune of Go West
16931 Deano He's coming to attack
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17120 Free Kick Disaster In tune of Super Kenwyne Jones
17340 Red And White Army Just a made up one
18013 Who Let The Dogs Out Sung to the Geordie lasses
18396 Scum Sung to the real scum the mags
18838 Chelsea May Be Rich Made up re Chelski
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