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Total 30 Sunderland football chants submitted by therockifyousmell

13153 Who Let The Dogs Out Sung to the Geordie lasses
13532 Chelsea May Be Rich Made up re Chelski
13584 Come On Sunderland Haway sunderland
13762 Fat Boy Ashley Made up song re Mike Ashley
13806 Sunderlands Never Dead Made up
14005 We Hate Boro We hate the Smoggies
15322 When A Was A Lad To the Tune of White Pele (Rooney song)
15398 2-0 Sung to people who dont when they are winning
15763 Super George I made it up
16036 If You Love Sunderland Sunderland sing untill bored
16143 Judas Bent This is for Judas the tune of thats the morleyyyy
16210 Bye Bye Magpies Sung in the tune of Cisse Number 9
16467 Nyron For England Get him signed up
16660 Free Kick Disaster In tune of Super Kenwyne Jones
16685 Deano He's coming to attack
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