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Total 106 Chelsea football chants submitted by themagicdonjuan101

1861 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Sung at the Old Trafford library Playlist
2028 It's All Quiet When they are all hushed Playlist
3187 Cheerio Explains itself Playlist
10533 What The Hell Is That Sung at anyone who f**ks up!!!!! Playlist
15453 The Best Behaved Supporters It's true you know. Both of them :)
15464 Gerrard Puts In A Transfer Tequest Prick
15492 Desailly Big Marcel
15664 You're Not Fit To Referre Mike Riley anyone?
15697 Who Do We Love Who Else
15883 You're Not Very Good If you wanna be nice about it or near a load of kids, children, think of the children!!!!!
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15892 Jingle Bells Festive Spirit Anyone?
15919 North Stand They can't keep themselves quiet either
16097 Is That All You Take Away When fans bring f*ck all away supporters with them
16119 Put Your Hands Up For Mikel This would create a great atmosphere
16272 Scary Alex Would you stand up to him?
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