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Total 106 Chelsea football chants submitted by themagicdonjuan101

1866 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere Sung at the Old Trafford library Playlist
2001 It's All Quiet When they are all hushed Playlist
3157 Cheerio Explains itself Playlist
10153 What The Hell Is That Sung at anyone who f**ks up!!!!! Playlist
15125 Hey Dibble One for police and stewards
15137 Cech Has Got His Hat On A Fine Piece of Headwear
15284 My Garden Shed When at s*it away stadiums
15316 When We Find Ourselves In Times Of Trouble, John Terry The Chelsea Supremo
15335 Blue Day Blue Day anyone?????
15346 What's It Like To S*ag A Sheep OOOOH ARRR its ambrosia
  Premier League Betting
15511 One Dead Granny Steven Ireland Had She's dead, no wait, she's not, is she? To the tune of Ten Green Bottles Sitting on the wall
15745 Is It A Bouncer? Gerrard's promiscuous Alex Curran allegedly........
15765 Goal Kick Sung when opposition keeper takes a goal kick
15952 Big Drogba Another one for the big man
15971 Having A Laugh HAHAHA
  Premier League Betting
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